Thread Lifts

Dermal fillers are used for augmenting, plumping, filling and hydrating and there is a boundary where they can’t deliver the desired outcome.

This is where our other service such as thread lifts come into play.

Thread lifts consultations are offered at our Canmore Street clinic in Dunfermline by Dr Rashid Hameed.


Which areas are Thread Lifts used to treat?

  • Mid face and Cheeks
  • The Jaw line (Jowels)
  • Neck
  • Eyebrows


What is a thread lift?

A Thread lift can be thought of as a non-surgical and non-permanent facelift. It is a rejuvenating procedure which uses surgical threads to lift and tighten sagging skin. The surgical threads are gently inserted into the fat layer of the skin and they dissolve over time. The threads are made from a material that has been used in medicine for decades

There are different kinds of thread lifts. We use Silhouette Soft,  made in the USA.


Thread lifts rejuvenate in two ways.

  1. They mechanically reposition or lift the skin and fat deposits.
  2. The threads activate your foreign body reaction, to produce more collagen. This surrounds the thread.


How long does a thread lift last?

It lasts generally between 18 months and 2 years. There are many factors which can affect this, including metabolism, lifestyle and sun exposure.


What is a thread lift procedure like?

A fine needle is used to gently insert a thread (suspension suture) into the desired area of the skin. Where possible, the second thread can be inserted in the same hole, in the opposite direction. No local anaesthetic is needed.

The procedure for you will be fully explained in the Consultation with no obligation to go ahead with any treatment.


What happens after treatment?

There will be immediate results, however there may be some “down time” for a few days up to 2 weeks. It’s usual for people to be able to return to normal life after only a few days. There are a few aftercare recommendations to make sure you get the best results and reduce the risk of infection. They will be fully explained in the Consultation.


Who are Thread lifts for?

For both adult Men and Women. They are typically used on people over 40 years old.


View Silhouette-soft results.


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