Botox Jaw Reduction

How to get a nice jawline

masseter muscle, the target of botox jaw reductionBotox jaw reduction works by reducing the strength of the large and powerful masseter muscles. Using botox, the muscles reduce in size and this can also break the habit or discomfort of strong muscle contraction or clenching.

This is a successful treatment for those who wish to taper their jaw line where there is excess muscle when clenching the teeth. Also, it is a great treatment for those who find clenching their teeth painful, or if you are continually breaking teeth or fillings by clenching.

Not everyone wants a strong, square jaw line.

Some people also suffer from headaches and migraines due to continued clenching of the jaw.

Just as you can build a muscle with weight training, muscles also reduce in size when their use is limited (just like when someone breaks a leg). Botox works by temporarily weakening muscles.

A skilled aesthetic practitioner can use this technique to change the shape of the jaw and lower face to achieve a softer, more youthful or more feminine look.

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