Botox® in Dunfermline, Fife


Botox is increasingly popular as an anti-ageing and preventative treatment.

There are 2 reasons for this:
1. Because it works
2. Complications and ‘downtime’ are limited.

Botulinum toxin works after a few days and can take up to two weeks to fully take effect. At two weeks post-treatment, a review appointment is made to ensure patients are entirely happy with results.

Botox injections can be for those wishing to prevent lines that have started to become permanent.

The effects of treatment last, on average for 3 months. Some individuals find treatment can last longer. Treatments should be maintained every 3-4 months. This is the optimal way to protect financial investments of treatments in a preventative approach. If muscle movement returns strongly and fuller for a number of months both patient and practitioner are ‘starting from the beginning’ rather than maintaining effects.


One FAQ is ‘ what if I don’t like the effects of botox or cannot or do not want to maintain treatment.’

The answer is simple. The muscle function will return to what it has been. Skin texture and lines will be as they were previously. There will have been a respite period whilst treatment has been effective and this will continue, with treatment. Botulinum toxin works directly on the muscles where it is injected. It is not systemic. Once metabolised by the body it dissipates, disappearing entirely. Muscles do not come back stronger. They return to what they were prior to treatment.

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What is Botox?

Botox® is a highly purified naturally occurring protein complex. It has been thoroughly researched and tested. In cosmetic treatments, we use a tiny amount for each injection. It has been used for over twenty-five years, on adults, children and even infants for the treatment of a variety of conditions caused by muscle spasm, including spasm of the vocal cords.

The cosmetic use of Botox® is a direct outgrowth of these previous uses and is a safe and effective treatment. It is administered only by qualified Nurses, Doctors or Dentists.

Botox – Before and After

closeup of womans eyes frowning before Botox treatment


closeup of womans eyes frowning after Botox treatment


The image above shows someone forcing a frown, creating a line or wrinkle. The second image shows the same person approximately two weeks later trying to recreate the same frown. Because the muscles are temporarily unable to create a frown expression there are no longer visible wrinkles or lines.


By relaxing the muscles, the skin becomes smooth and unwrinkled. Additionally, because muscles work in opposing ways, so too can the effect of Botox. Some muscles enable us to literally ‘lift’ our expressions. Other muscles ‘pull down’ creating frown lines. Botox can neutralise these frown lines and also lift some muscles, for example lifting the eyebrow to create a more arched appearance.

Botox is administered by a fine needle to the desired area in tiny amounts. Whilst the treatment time is short (20 minutes average) the time the Botox takes to affect the muscle can be from 1-2 weeks.

For about 3-4 months you will have a smoother look and feel to the areas treated. Usually, but not limited to, the forehead, frown lines and crow’s feet. Muscle activity will then become noticeable and this is when many decide to have another treatment appointment made.

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