At Aesthetic Spirit Rejuvenation Clinic in Dunfermline, we offer the advanced aesthetic treatment Profhilo.

What is Profhilo?

It is Hyaluronic Acid.(HA)
Dermal fillers are also made of hyaluronic acid (HA) but Profhilo is different in the way that it has a more of liquid consistency rather than dermal fillers where the consistency is more of a gel.
When injecting the thicker gel-like HA of dermal filler we are usually targeting specific areas of volume-loss or areas where the aim is to augment or make bigger. For example, lips, cheeks, nasolabial lines, chin, marionette lines.
With Profhilo HA it is injected into specific locations:
  • The lower 2/3rds of the face
  • Back of hands
  • Neck or décolletage
and it is injected in bolus form. Immediately following treatment, the bolus can be visible but usually only for a few days. More bony regions or skin that is thinner with less elasticity can show the bolus more than those that are supple and denser.
The bolus dissipates over a few days. What is happening in these few days is that the liquid form of HA is spanning out within the skin until it is fully integrated.
Each bolus spans out to the verges of where the other boluses injected are meeting. This results in a large area of skin having a river-like run of HA within it.


Plumper, fuller, super hydrated, luminescent skin.

You can think of it as the cushion of a pillow being fluffed up. Fewer wrinkles, less jowls, more lift in a generalised large tissue area.

The Science of Profhilo

Profhilo is not cross-linked like a dermal filler thus it is more liquid in form than gel-like.
It is not used therefore to volumise but instead it is more of a biostimulator, biorevitaliser or as it is explained by the company (HA Derma) it has opened up a new injectable category called Bioremodeling.
It holds water into the skin as well as stimulating your skin to produce more collagen.
It has an impressive concentration of HA (64mg / 2ml).
Profhilo stimulates 4 different types of collagen and elastin within your skin.
The results show significant tissue improvement of the dermis and epidermis and remember it is more than a skin booster because of its additional tightening and lifting effects.

What does Profhilo cost?

Profhilo Prices – £250 for the first treatment, then £200 for following treatments.

If you have any questions about Profhilo, or you are looking for profhilo in Fife, please contact our Dunfermline Clinic, where you can arrange a “no-charge” online or face-to-face Consultation appointment.