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Do I analyse people’s faces?

Do I analyse people’s faces? Not in the way you might think. If you haven’t tried any Medical Aesthetic treatments, like botox or dermal fillers, you probably have heard of them by their reputation by now. Whether they are for you or not, and whether you agree with them or prefer to look the other […]

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Treatment room

Rejuvenation Clinic Now Open in Dunfermline

I’m coming close to the second week here at Canmore Street. I can barely believe we’re ‘in’ and we’ve welcomed 15 clients into our new premises with a clinic list tomorrow and bookings ahead for the next 3 months. Planning We have been planning for this project since Christmas last year. How did we get here?! The last […]

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Outlander poster

Did they have Botox in Outlander?

I’m a huge fan of Outlander, and it came naturally to me to think of my speciality in comparison to the popular TV series. (Consideration has been made to overt any spoilers) If you’re interested in Botox and Outlander, here are some historical comparisons. 1743 – The time of the Jacobite rising. Jamie Fraser and […]

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Miranda graduating at University of Greenwich

What are Advanced Level Botox and Dermal Filler Treatments?

I am an Advanced Level Botox and Dermal Fillers practitioner. Advanced treatments are now available in Dunfermline, Fife. Most facial aesthetic practitioners, be they dentists, doctors or nurses, have attended one or more day or half day courses in botox® and dermal fillers. This, together with their medical background, gives them a good understanding of […]

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