About Miranda Philip – Aesthetic nurse

Miranda Philip Post Grad Cert (Aes Med), Grad Dip (Aes Med), B.A., R.G.N., N.I.P

Aesthetic Spirit was established in 2007. The idea behind the name came from the essence of what it is to appreciate something from an aesthetic perspective. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. What a person likes or appreciates in the form of art, nature and appearance, differs greatly from one person to the next. This is the central focus of how I deliver care to my clients.

I don’t do what I do because I think everyone should have Aesthetic Procedures. I chose to be an Aesthetic Nurse and I have used my background as a trainer with Multi National Surgical teams with Multi Million pound technology, to introduce innovative and safe practices within my Aesthetic practice.

Equipping myself academically, keeping up to date and investing in being a good Practitioner gives my clients reassurance that they are being well cared for. I believe in achieving great results for my clients and ultimately making sure they have an increased sense of well being.

A Complimentary Consultation is the beginning of your experience at Aesthetic Spirit and it is here where treatment options are discussed as well as addressing your desired outcomes. In Medical Aesthetics I have found that the majority of people don’t want to look vastly different to how they naturally look. They just to want to look fresh, youthful for their years and healthy – being their better selves.

The fact many aesthetic treatments are not often openly discussed, shows that they are a personal decision and done for the individual’s benefit – for your confidence.

See my treatment process and prices here.

Miranda’s background as an aesthetic nurse

The Aesthetics industry is not well regulated and it falls to the consumer to check out credentials and experience. So, here is a brief description of my background;

Previously, I have worked with The Private Clinic of Harley Street, London as a Nurse Consultant, I worked with inspiring multi-national surgical teams as a Surgical Trainer for the daVinci Surgical Robot in both Europe and the U.S. and before that I gained sound and solid experience as a ward Nurse in teaching hospitals in Edinburgh and London.

Academic qualifications

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine (distinction) from Northumbria University
  • Pharmaceutical Prescriber Qualification (MA with Distinction) from Edinburgh Napier University
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine from the University of Greenwich. (At the time, the only academically recognised Post Graduate qualification)
  • B.A. degree in Nursing (Adult) and R.G.N. qualified from Oxford Brookes University and the John Radcliffe School of Nursing, Oxford.

In April 2015 I set up my own clinic at 30 Canmore Street, Dunfermline.

Weekly clinics are at Beyond MediSpa within Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh, which can be made by appointment through Miranda or Beyond Medispa separately.

To make an appointment for a consultation in Dunfermline for botox, dermal fillers, skin peels or to enquire about the IMAGE home care range contact me easily by:


Graduating with a Post Graduate Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine from the University of Greenwich. The only University courses to include botox and dermal fillers.


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