About Us

Aesthetic Spirit Rejuvenation Clinic

Aesthetic Spirit Rejuvenation Clinic is the pioneering Medical Aesthetic Clinic in Dunfermline.
The business was established in 2007, by Miranda and Steve Philip, and we opened as Fife’s first dedicated skin clinic at 30 Canmore Street in April 2015.
The business and premises are registered and inspected by the Scottish Government, Health Improvement Scotland to ensure the highest standards of care with clients being the central focus of our care.
We are a boutique clinic offering bespoke treatments to patients by appointment.
Our aim is that of health, wellness and rejuvenation inside and out.
We offer;
  • a multi-disciplinary team focus for bespoke procedures and care.
  • a confidential and discreet customer-led service.
  • no obligation to go ahead with any treatment. Ever.
  • a complimentary review appointment to ensure your satisfaction.
  • the most comfortable treatment bed in the world.
We are a local independent business supporting Dunfermline town centre.

A Complimentary Consultation is the beginning of your experience at Aesthetic Spirit and it is here where treatment options are discussed as well as addressing your desired outcomes. In Fife, when it comes to medical aesthetics, we have found that the majority of people don’t want to look vastly different from how they naturally look. They just to want to look fresh, youthful for their years and healthy – being their better selves.

The fact that many aesthetic treatments are not always openly discussed shows that they are a personal decision and done for the individual’s benefit – for your confidence.

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