Well, if you needed any more reason to invest in your health with medicinal mushrooms… here you go…

There is now growing scientific research being conducted into the benefits of medicinal mushrooms and Covid 19. At Aesthetic Spirit Rejuvenation Clinic in Dunfermline we are ahead of the curve for you and have them in our online shop (and available in the clinic when we open from 26th April). Having become a personal convert to the many benefits of medicinal mushrooms by Life Cykel I wanted to share them with you.

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A quick recap: Our immune system is incredibly important in our life, not just when we are sick. The way we keep it healthy is by reducing inflammation in the body. This is done by healthy lifestyle; counteracting stress with good choices and self-care. Eating foods that support the immune system (fresh meat, quality protein, vegetables and fruit and healthy fats) and avoiding those that do not (processed and refined sugars, carbohydrates and alcohol). Getting enough sleep is also important for cellular repair and cognitive function.

To super boost the immune system is when you chose supplements such as medicinal mushrooms, vitamin D and hack better sleeping patterns and eat and drink exceptionally well chosen food and beverages.

A strong immune system can be the difference between health in old age and chronic illnesses (such as cardiovascular disease, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, lung disease and genetic diseases which are more likely “switched on” when the immune system is compromised). Inflammation is a key response in triggering the immune system into action which is why our daily choices, habits and supplementations are worth a big consideration.

Who said antiaging was only skin deep?

A healthy body also benefits our skin regeneration and rejuvenation which is why we are passionate about the research and interest of the products we promote.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this update and that you are safe and well.

We are preparing to re-open the Dunfermline clinic from the end of April, please do get in touch here if you are looking for an appointment.

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Miranda Philip, Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner closeup