Toot toot – aesthetics in Dunfermline back soon

Hearing the latest announcement will cause a stir from most of us otherwise keeping our heads down and getting on with the realities of lockdown in Scotland. Whichever way you view the news; too late, too early, unspecific, ideally placed… we are pleased that it’s a change because of the progress being made with vaccines and dates provided are giving this momentum.
We are starting to rock and roll*!!!!!  (*Give me a little leniency on my headspace influence today… due to of one of my child’s homeschool projects this week- each day this week, looking at life in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s etc…)

Planning Has A Real Effect

It has been said that the process of planning purchases, making plans, and researching the topic of interest to book, has an effect similar to that of the actual event.
So, if you can’t do the very thing you are looking at doing, give yourself a dopamine boost by really looking into it, planning it, putting it in your diary, calling or emailing to enquire… It starts to become real. Within reach. It will happen.
It’s the same basis as visualisation, you can create some of the realities in your body by experiencing the thoughts, producing chemicals and hormones in the body and brain that work together giving us a real mood boost and increase in energy.

The Same Goes for Our Treatments

Of course, at Aesthetic Spirit in Dunfermline, we deliver wonderful Rejuvenation and Wellness treatments such as Wrinkle reduction, Dermal Fillers, Plasma Skin Treatments, LED Light Therapy and more.
Our patients tell us we’re right up there on their mood boosting list, so don’t forget to keep up to date by liking our fb page and following our latest posts.
At the moment there is no specific date we know 100% we can open. But we do have our list of calls ready to go to schedule patient appointments in. Just let us know if you want to be on it. And remember we are available by phone or video call for consultations and enquiries now.
Keep up the good work everyone! There is the change train coming!!!!!!*
And well done to colleagues, friends and workers in the NHS, community services, and all front line businesses for keeping us safe, providing care and services for all of us.
It’s an extraordinary time we are living in.
We look forward to welcoming you back to Aesthetic Spirit Rejuvenation clinic for the first time in 2021 very soon.
With all best wishes,


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