The Dunfermline Clinic isn’t in hibernation yet…

Mid-November already! The mornings are drawing in and the Dunfermline days are certainly shorter! I like my son’s outlook on this dark season. He finds them adventurous, a bit magical like Halloween and enjoys the slower, graceful pace it brings. O.K. … he wouldn’t choose the word graceful! But the meaning is that Winter brings a sense of cosy slowness as nature turns to hibernation state.

The Clinic isn’t in hibernation yet!

We are buzzing still with our treatments that will leave you skin smooth, clear and shining. Relaxing lines and contouring facial changes which the process of ageing inevitably brings. Be a routine anti-wrinkle treatment, our increasingly popular bio remodelling with ProfHilo, our skincare range that will leave your skin refreshed and youthful, a relaxing course of Celluma light therapy treatments to leave your skin healed and restored, Plasma BT for lax tissue tightening, dermal fillers for plumping and reshaping… we do have something for everyone.


So, whether you new to us and would like more information or you have been with us for years- don’t forget to get in touch before the pre-festive rush. It’ll be a different Christmas season this year, with all things Covid and the new normal. We may see our doors close early and we monitor this weekly with our Governing body, The Scottish Government, Healthcare Improvement Scotland (H.I.S.).

Online Shop

In the meantime, please look out for our additional retail services in our online shop. We offer free postage and delivery on most orders. And we are adding, as always tried and tested products that we love. Vouchers are also available.


In the Clinic

Just in time for Christmas, we have some health-boosting items such as locally produced Heather Honey by The Scottish Bee Company. High in antioxidants and with anti-microbial benefits. Yes, anti-viral too! Not only will it help keep your immune system healthy but if you’ve ever looked for Manuka honey to ease that sore throat, nip it in the bud instead with this scientifically proven higher potency grade product.


Coming soon…

Keep a lookout also for our long-awaited, well-researched health and wellness supporting Mushroom tinctures. Often used by the regular biohackers (hacking ways that the body can better perform, which ultimately gives us better energy to live life.) of the world to enhance performance mentally and physically- naturally. These biomodulators and adaptogenic products use the magic of nature to provide cognitive support for better sleep, levelling stress and anxiety, gut health and immunity as an example. Note: These are medicinal mushroom supplements and not magic mushrooms! After a long search and in line with Aesthetic Spirit Rejuvenation’s ethos- they are the best and highest quality. (Shipping from New Zealand takes longer than you’d think…)More on this to follow…

Take care, remember to schedule an appointment before any unforeseen closures. And drop us a line with any enquiries at all.

01383 621499 or


Best wishes,

Miranda, Viki and Steve