Chin Up – with my own trial results.

At Aesthetic Spirit Rejuvenation Clinic in Dunfermline, we are all over IMAGE Skincare products and we have been dedicated fans for over 10 years.
And although it’s a difficult choice we have a new favourite.
The IMAGE Stem Cell Neck Lift.
For some time, my neck has been bothering me.
Not that much but every now and then I’d see the signs of collagen and elastin diminishing in the ageing process which, although inevitable, can be difficult to address. Knowing that IMAGE Skincare are true to their word and their product claims are trustworthy…(unlike clever marketing suggestions that A LOT of other brands make)… I was super keen.
During lockdown, I decided to give this new IMAGE product a decent personal trial and below are photos taken of me, before and after. I used the IMAGE stem cell neck lift a trial run and used it as directed, every night.
At £97 for 59ml, I think it is well priced. We are 4 months on and I’m still using the same tube which has only just run out, I have already purchased another as I fully intend to carry on with this not only corrective but preventative treatment.
Here are my Before and Afters – Quite a difference!

Before – Neck Front

After – Neck Front

Before – Left

After – Left

Before – Right

After – Right

The photos are pretty telling. But don’t just take my word for it… see another blog post – below.
Give it a try. It won’t disappoint!
Shipping is Free at time of writing.
Best wishes,