Opening soon

Hello everyone,

I hope you are well and keeping positive in our lockdown situation with all the changes being made to our daily lives.

We are looking to open soon

The clinic is working within the Phase 3 guidelines. This date will be dependant on the R number remaining as it needs to be and confirmation from the Scottish Government. Alongside these guidelines, we have changed the way in which consultation and treatments will take place. Ultimately the changes will have your safety and our safety as the primary focus. And to minimise any possible risk of passing on the Covid-19 virus.
Please note, at this time we are only allowed to offer low-risk treatments which means Botox only at this stage. Upon enquiry and with further clarification we will be offering our full list of treatments.

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Below are the changes which you will see from the reopening of our clinic.
Consultations and pre-treatments appointments: These will all take place by phone or video call. The objective of this is to minimise person to person contact. Whilst our contact in person will be reduced. Our care and service will not be. During the video or telephone call, we will go over all aspects of treatment, your treatment planning and price.
Payment: We will ask that after consultations and pre-treatment appointments that payment is made over the phone or by bank transfer. The point of this is to again minimise the person and person contact and surface transfer of potential contaminants. If there are any products which are wished to be purchased these can be ordered online on our shop or fb page. Or if you let us know, we are happy to order these for you and have them delivered to your door free of charge (IMAGE are currently offering this service free of charge but this may be due to change).
What to expect at the clinic: In accordance with Government guidance we will close down the reception. Entrance will be directly into the clinic from the communal hallway. We will make this clear with signage. We ask that you do not arrive early for your appointment. We will call you on your mobile to let you know that we are ready for you. We have scheduled the treatment appointment times so that we have plenty of time to manage the room between clients for your safety. In the room, there will be an allocated area for you to leave your belongings, but we would advise as much as possible to enter the clinic only with what you need to bring. The treatment will be confirmed, consent forms will be signed- however, we are working on introducing a paperless process within the clinic – so this may be done prior to the treatment appointment and at the pre-appointment call. We will check your temperature with a non-contact or single-use device. Whilst temperature is not the only sign of having or carrying the virus, we have a duty of care to take all precautions, this being one of them.
Safety at the clinic: In the clinic, we will remove surface objects other than what is required for each individual treatment. Tea, coffee and refreshments will not be offered. When you enter the clinic every surface will have been cleaned and disinfected. This will be done and documented between each client. The toilet will be locked but we are able to offer this facility at your request. This precaution is in place so that we can monitor the required cleaning and documentation between usage.
We would ask that you wear a mask, or one will be available within the clinic. Shoe covers will be provided on entering the clinic/ or you can remove your shoes at the designated area. Initially, Viki will not be in the clinic but will be available by phone and will be checking in during the process of your appointment. I will be wearing appropriate PPE.
The systems in place may seem a bit sterile… which of course, is our aim! But we are doing this for your safety. We warmly welcome you back to the clinic and really look forward to seeing you again soon.
With all best wishes,



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