The Immune System

The next note on my agenda is one which is a pretty central focus for many of us right now, the immune system. The keys for a strong immune system are things we can do for ourselves to reduce inflammation.

What is inflammation and why is it bad?
Inflammation is when the body fights / protects itself from infection, illness and injury. This is normally good. It’s not so good when it is prolonged over a period of time. Chronic inflammation is when your body is in a state of “fight or flight” for a longer time than is useful and it can ignite a number of disorders, both physical and mental. And it is very real.

We need to have a healthy immune system that is ready to fight illness, particularly with what we are facing with Covid-19. There is so much uncertainty in our lives right now, it will be easy for us to compromise our own immune system with the stresses of the changes we are facing. We know we should eat the right thing, do the right physical exercises, be mindful of our emotions and introduce balance by meditating or other such activities.

Knowing this is one thing but it’s very different to actually doing it.

So, what can we do? We can dedicate ourselves to understanding why a few lifestyle habits can improve our wellbeing and then really doing them. On top of the changes we are facing, we are also under the pressures that come with a restriction of lifestyle, finances, activities for children, missing family and friends.

There is so much value in the care you give to yourself and being aware of what your body needs. There are countless online home activities coming from celebrities to take some of the burden of activities suggested for kids. There are video platforms that allow us to call and interact with loves ones.

We need to find our own stride in the weeks ahead of staying at home. Take time. Changes to finance, schooling, and general living are all being rewritten very quickly. Guidelines that took many years to formulate are being changed rapidly. The way ahead will become clearer. For now, take time to make adjustments.

Stay safe, with all best wishes,


Next up I will be going further into the immune system…