Even the mannequins are pouting for a selfie

These photos were taken this week at a well known High Street shop in Dunfermline.

Pouting mannequin

It’s the first time I’ve noticed what looks like a “selfie” pose with pouting lips.

Is this a reflection of what’s becoming the norm on social media?

Is it me, or do the lips on both mannequins look fuller than I’ve seen before?

Whilst not necessarily “un-natural” in appearance it raises the question on the subject of young women having their lips augmented, often because it can be considered fashionable.

Some of my clients joke about whether they will be “allowed” treatments. They are genuinely grateful for an honest, professional opinion. They know they will not be over-sold treatments & will have realistic expectations explained.

At Aesthetic Spirit Rejuvenation Clinic, in Dunfermline, a natural appearance is one of our key values.

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