Exciting New Treatments

Hello everyone!

Here at Aesthetic Spirit Rejuvenation Clinic, we are excited to introduce some new treatments and combination packages to Dunfermline. They reflect our vision and approach to client care.


Mothers Day

With Mother’s Day around the corner on Sunday 31st March, remember we have gift cards available. These are great for botox, dermal fillers (following a consultation of course), or our newly introduced treatments to pamper the special mother in our life … including ourselves!


Combination Package

Check out our special package which combines our historically loved treatments with brand new ones which have been thoroughly researched, tried and tested by Miranda. These are right at the leading edge of this ever-evolving industry and you won’t find the package anywhere else.

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We’re very happy to help you with your at-home skincare, and offer our expert advice. You can also choose individual treatments separately.


Free Your Pain using LED Light Therapy

We have had many clients who have been on NHS waiting lists for a long period and been given short series of sessions using LED therapy to treat pain – bone, muscle and skin conditions which cause discomfort and have an effect on general overall well-being. The NHS is not a preventative solution in health care but important in managing when things go wrong. We are delighted to offer those who want to prevent or treat conditions which LED therapy can help.

Our light therapy is both FDA and CE medically approved. The technology was developed by NASA- the results are tried and tested. As always, one of our core beliefs within Aesthetic Spirit Rejuvenation Clinic is to only offer what we 100% believe in and have experienced ourselves.

Treatments are for both medical and cosmetic conditions.

LED light therapy can offer:

  • Faster wound healing post injury/surgery.
  • Pain management for a wide variety of physical conditions, including muscle and joint pain.
  • Effective for teenage and adult active acne.
  • Effective for scars and wounds.
  • Anti-Aging Wrinkle treatment.

There is no downtime and this is the only medical LED light therapy that has been FDA and CE medically approved to treat with blue, red and infrared simultaneously.

And because our focus is to only reproduce what we feel is important/ works… I will say the 30 minute treatment is also very relaxing.

N.B – we will be updating the website more fully very soon.


Pain Free Injections

A new, and exciting development, (which we’ve introduced due to some client feedback), is how injections can be made more comfortable.

Let’s face it we all have different pain thresholds and this in itself can differ depending on what’s going on at that very time. So, whilst almost all feedback has been complimentary regarding receiving their care we still hear everybody’s own personal experience. We now have a new way to deliver both our dermal filler and botox treatments and we are happy to say that the feedback has been awesome. One client (who used to wince, but loved the results said it was 500% more comfortable)

So, we will be taking particular note of every client’s experience and we’re always happy to have alternative approaches, allowing you to enjoy your results comfortably and professionally.

For those that need a little bit more

Our most popular treatments are using Botox and Dermal Fillers. In addition, not only do we have our Specialist thread lift Doctor (Dr Rashid Hameed), who has been practising this speciality for years, we also have our Consultant Plastic Surgeon (Mr Lowrie), who is available for in-house consultations in our clinic.

Please enquire to Viki at our reception on 01383 621 499 or Contact Us Here. You may be redirected to our out-of-hours message service, who can also make your appointment or pass on a message.


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