What’s my most popular treatment?

I’m often asked this question…

“what are the most popular aesthetic treatments that I carry out at the Dunfermline clinic.”
To recap, here are a list of the main ones:
  • Plasma BT surgical. This treatment offers an option of smoothing out wrinkles without using botox. By using plasma (the 5th element, often overlooked. (To find out more please have a look at the Plasma BT information page). This procedure also addresses lines around the mouth and skin tag removal.
  • Plasma BT shower is for acne, scarring, regeneration and TDDS (Trans Dermal Drug Delivery System) which allows for deep penetration of cosmeceuticals into the tissue.
  • Botox. For muscle relaxing which as a result smooths the overlying skin.
  • Dermal Fillers which not only can be used to augment the skin but also to add hydration. These can be used on the face, decolletage and back of hands.
  • We also have a range of Cosmeceuticals, which is a fancy word for medical grade cosmetics. The over the counter products which are on the high street do not have significant enough levels of ingredients to alter or support your skin’s health.

Answer :

Whilst I enjoy doing all of these treatments and have taken 11 years in practice to perfect the art of Aesthetic treatments, I would consider Botox to be the most popular.

Having looked at the statistics, Botox is a runaway winner. It makes up 65% of the treatments I do. Dermal filler is next with 20%.

I believe that this is because once people see and feel the benefits, they feel better in themselves and want to keep up that feeling. That simply is rewarding as a practitioner. All of the treatments follow the same thread as they allege towards making people feel better so there are absolutely none I don’t like.
And if you were to ask my favourite, well, my preference changes occasionally and this is probably due to clients and their reactions. Sometimes one or two clients have had such a positive reaction, it has rubbed off on me and, of course, it made me feel good too.
But I do love them all.
I’m already taking bookings for next year so remember to book in within good time for an appointment most convenient to you.

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Photo – Miranda loves carrying out all of her Aesthetic treatments. This is Miranda in action when teaching other Practitioners for an International Manufacturer. She is also a qualified Academic Mentor for the University of Northumbria.