Here’s my 3 Step Skin Program for the Winter

Most people will be back into their routines by now. And I hope you’re raring to go after a decent festive break. Coughs and colds behind us- I hope!

Here’s to beginning a new start to the year fresh and bright… a bit like the crisp mornings we are having! Minus 3 this morning! That was back to work with a bump. Freezing hands and defrosting cars (Thanks to my husband!)

This year, my initial focus is going to be on skin care and the importance of skin nutrition. It’s a good time to think about what products you’re using at home and what is your typical skincare routine.

Not everyone has time for long pampering sessions, so if you’re looking for something quick and effective or more luxurious, we have the best recommendations for you. Homecare is important and now and again a little help in clinic can assist in boosting skin function and appearance along the way. After all remember that skin is our largest organ, it has a function and it performs best when it is well nurtured.

I like to think about treating the skin as we do our bodies. It’s not necessarily one routine that is going to suit all year. So, if you feel like you want some advice or to shake your routine up a bit you can contact the clinic by email, phone 01383 621499 or make a consultation booking on line. There’s no charge.

Here’s my advice in brief for now. Ideally you want a 3 step program in the morning and evening.

Here is mine.

  1. Firstly – Ormedic Cleanser morning and evening. This is a gently foaming cleaner which balances the Ph of the skin and has gentle organic ingredients such as calming camomile. It smells pretty amazing too! I don’t often find I can stand and massage for a full one minute, as recommended, so I brush my teeth, get the shower going or am encouraging my kids to be getting ready… for something! Always something! And hey presto, I’ve often done more than one minute.
  2. Vital C serum is up next. I love this product for hydration and for essential collagen and elastin synthesis. As we grow older the production of these two skin elements decrease, becoming less strong and less plentiful. Replenish, replenish, replenish! I take the same approach – giving the product enough time to work it’s magic. I wait (or rather keep busy) until the product is touch dry.
  3. My final step is to use an SPF of 30 or 50 and again let that settle and be touch dry. I now have a cleansed, hydrated, vitamin infused and UV protected skin and neck ready for the day. I tend to use the serum and SPF on the back of my hands too with any excess product. In the evening swap this product for the MAX Cream for rejuvenation while you sleep.

Add on’s for the year. High concentration Vitamin C (I-enhance) of 25% for particularly sensitive areas and just an extra boost. I-enhancers also come in stem cell (rejuvenation) facial enhancer, hyaluronic (plumping and hydration of tissue and fine lines) facial enhancers, retinol (for ageing skin) and kojic (for uneven skin tone) facial enhancers.

Mixing it up.  All ranges of products come with various properties: Ageless (ageing skin), Vitamin C (Damaged or redness prone skin), Ormedic (Unbalanced/ sensitive skin), The MAX (Correction, prevention and nutrition for the skin), Clear cell (for acne and oily skin), Iluma (to brighten and illuminate the skin), Prevention (UV protection).

Lastly The IMAGE skin care range also include the I Mask (for youthful and radiance boosting), Body Spa range (Cellulite and body firming, bronzing, exfoliation and rejuvenation) as well as a healing and concealing foundation which is breathable and natural.


All of the above products are available from my Skin Rejuvenation Clinic in Dunfermline, subject to a free skin consultation.

Get “January Ready” with fresh and radiant skin. New year, healthy you!

Have a wonderful month and look forward to seeing you soon.

Best wishes,


Miranda Philip, Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner closeup


Photo by Tim Gouw from Pexels