Slow things down a bit?

We are truly now into Autumn in Dunfermline. Get ready for glowing Fife mornings and beautiful sunsets for the next little while. The seasons go so fast and my schedule of seeing new and existing clients seems to race at the same pace. Saying goodbye after a botox treatment one minute during the Summer and then it’s coming into Halloween or Guy Faulkes before I know it.

One constant that seems to remain is a feeling shared by so many. This is a fact that while we all may be grateful to be ageing to a ripe old age… it can really affect our mood or confidence. And I don’t mean with seasonal changes like SAD but the actual racing of time and inevitable changes within us and to our faces and bodies.

So, why is it that ageing affects us? Is it because we are changing? That our appearance is not what we are used to? That we recognise energy levels may be a bit lower and we see the subtle signs of ageing looking back at us in the mirror?

A fascinating study was conducted in the 1970’s which I often discuss with my clients.

It recreated a nursing home environment which was that of some 20 years previously (1950s). Newspapers of that era were provided, 50s music was played on the radio, décor etc…

The attitude of staff was also altered in the way that the residents weren’t referred to as “dear” and they weren’t offered help too quickly (unless it was required) to carry bags etc. They weren’t treated in a way that was constantly offering aid.

Blood tests were done to measure cortisol (the happy hormone), nail growth and various other factors. It was recorded that mood and memory improved, discomfort decreased, mobility increased, nail growth increased. Generally, overall health and well-being saw a significant improvement.

This is a testament to the power of the mind over the body and that the way in which you perceive things can actually become reality.

Often this type of discussion can come up in my clinic… because people do say that what they see in their reflection is not how they feel. “This line deepening”, or “this area of tissue is becoming crepey” or “my eyelids are becoming heavier”

More and more aesthetic treatments are being trusted. They’re being considered a part of many people’s self-care routine. Especially when the approach is in helping us not to change and to stave off the ageing process, rather than having treatments done to alter our appearance.

Our beautiful clinic in Dunfermline provides botox and dermal filler treatments to soften facial lines and wrinkles, and we also offer the Plasma BT, which can improve your complexion against fine lines, acne, improve drooping eyelids, rejuvenate the neck area and hands, and even remove skin tags, tattoos and a whole lot more.

Why not make an appointment to see if we can slow things down a bit?

So, with the racing of time and seasons I wish you all a happy September! And to seeing some old and new faces soon!



Image is from Visit Scotland