Summer and your Skin

Summer Skin Tips.

Well we are nearly through the Summer holidays. I hope you’ve all had a great and restful time. Although let’s be honest, it can be more of a juggle with home life, work commitments  and holidays during this time!

And if you’ve been somewhere hot, I hope you’ve remembered your all important Sun Protection Factor (SPF)! As hard as we try, mistakes can happen and the skin can get a beating from the sun on areas we may have missed or just simply being in the sun for longer than expected. A bit like forgetting a passport… none of us would do it, but it happens and that’s life!

Even in our heavily hydrating weather (!), back in Dunfermline, remember even if the sun isn’t out SPF’s should be worn. UV sun rays do still affect our skin and it’s not until years later that the damage is seen. If you need a good recommendation, Aesthetic Spirit Rejuvenation Clinic offers the pharmaceutical grade range of homecare products by IMAGE Skin Care.

Image Skincare Prevention + bannerWhat I love specifically about the IMAGE range of SPF creams is that they are lightweight and breathable. Unlike many over the counter products they do not have a chalky physical block in them but are pure in ingredient. The chalky, physical block used in many products can cause a reaction in the heat, resulting in a skin rash or mistaken for prickly heat, particularly with children. There is a brilliant spray which is more economical and easier to apply on the body, especially for children.

If you are feeling as though you would like some repair and rejuvenation after the Summer holidays the Plasma BT (coming soon to the website) has been hard at work providing really excellent results for a range of clients. I have been asking for feedback from my clients who have been having the Plasma Shower. (There are two handsets that come with the Plasma BT. One is surgical and one the Plasma shower.)

Feedback has included descriptions such as, “lines being smoother”, “skin being plumper or fuller”, “generally more radiant and glowing”, and “Fresher”.

Those who have been having the Plasma shower for active acne and / or acne scarring report clearer skin and improved scarring with less redness and a smoother complexion. Perfect for pre and post holidays!

As an add on at no extra charge I have enjoyed using the benefits of the accelerated uptake of pharmaceutical grade products transdermally into the skin to give the skin an extra boost. Immediately post treatment the skin’s pores are able to take product deep down into the tissues layers. In my little own apothecary of products I can add serums and facial enhancers such as kojic acid for pigmentation, vitamin C for hydration as well as essential for collagen and elastin production and pure hyaluronic acid to name a few. And of course, that ever important SPF afterwards!

Another exciting new offering I have is ProfHilo. Essentially this is a dermal filler but one so fine it is not used to plump and augment from deeper layers in the tissue but to literally “flood” finely superficially. It is injected into key points of the face as a bolus and then over about 24 hours this reduces in size and the surrounding tissue receives the hyaluronic acid. A course of 2 or 3 treatments is advised and final results are seen 6 weeks after the last treatment. The final result shows restored firmness of the skin.

As well as continuing to being busy with anti-wrinkle botox injections and dermal fillers,  the clinic in Dunfermline will soon offer Thread Lifts which target lax skin in the jowl area, neck area, lower face and upper face. There will be updates soon on the website regarding all of these treatments so be sure to check. Or if you have any questions at all, do get in touch with me directly by email, text or phone as well as facebook.

For any appointments you can book online (see the blue link at the top of the page) as well as calling the booking hotline on 01383 621499, and I’d love to hear your comments below.

Enjoy the rest of the Summer!

Best wishes,