Scotland’s Medical Cosmetic Awards – How’d we do?

Hi everyone,

A week ago we were at the Medical Cosmetic Awards or MCA 2017 in Glasgow.

 This was a ceremonial dinner and charity fundraiser to recognise those in the industry who have been nominated for various reasons and to acknowledge excellence in treatment and or service in Cosmetic Medicine in Scotland.
These awards were significant because of the well planned voting system. Nominations were made by colleagues or the public, shortlisted by a panel of experts who considered the given reasons for nominations and then the public were given the vote.

Each step of the process was something I was humbled by… to be nominated, shortlisted and voted for by any member of the public.

And, as a double delight Aesthetic Spirit Rejuvination Clinic in Dunfermline was nominated, shortlisted and made it to the final 3 for Best New Clinic of 2016 coming in 2nd and Highly Commended by the Judges. As you might imagine, there have been a lot of new clinics opening up over the last year, as this was against some pretty stiff competition.

Aesthetic Spirit Rejuvenation Clinic, Dunfermline – Highly Commended, Best New Clinic 2016

I also made it to the final 3 for Best Cosmetic Nurse of the Year, coming in 3rd and Commended by the Judges.

Miranda Philip – Commended, Cosmetic Nurse of the Year

The evening was 1950s Casino themed and it was great fun and good to catch up and spend the evening with colleagues and friends within the industry. It was an awards ceremony to congratulate the industry at large and celebrate continuing excellence.

Thank you to Nik Kane of Beam Technologies, and sincerely, to all of those that helped the clinic and myself to get as far as we did, and of course to everyone that voted.

Best wishes,