What kind of people visit Aesthetic Spirit in Dunfermline?

What kind of people visit Aesthetic Spirit? What kind of person has botox and/or fillers?
Here’s a snapshot of a day in Aesthetic Spirit, Dunfermline.

Front entrance from Canmore Street

My first client in today was a client I hadn’t seen for some time after she had taken time off and had her second child. She was keen to get back on “the cloud”… AKA the famously comfortable treatment chair in the clinic. Feeling rushed and juggling life between young children and a full time job, today’s first client felt that she had aged so much in the last year.

The most comfortable treatment chair in Aesthetics – “The Cloud”

She was accompanied by her mum who was toying with the idea of some treatments, but not sure what. We had a full consultation about treatment options to work towards… especially with a looming family wedding which is a year away. We discussed home care products, effects of botox and dermal fillers as well as the Plasma BT surgical and shower treatments. My client left excited to see the results of her treatment and mum with a menu of ideas to consider.

Next was a consultation with a mum accompanied by two grown up daughters intrigued as to what their mother was getting done. The daughters were keen and open to get their opinion across that mum doesn’t need anything done nor should she be in any pain. In the quiet of the consultation room, the mum and I had a good discussion about what she wished to address. Listening to her concerns, which her daughters couldn’t really understand is an example of how we often see ourselves in unique ways which others cannot understand or comprehend. She explained how she was seeing changes to her face that were not “her” and to do what she could to prevent and correct the tissue degradation and lines which were there when her face was at rest.

New improved treatment room at Aesthetic Spirit

All potential complications were discussed as well as what to expect during the procedure. There may be some discomfort and also, what we could do to alleviate this. Mum was happy to go ahead and could reassure her daughters about what she was going to have done and why.

Next was a regular client who I have treated for many years. Today was a yearly treatment that she has and looks forward to greatly. Because she feels that her face “falls” once a year she comes in, literally for a “pick me up”. And afterwards when she took the mirror to see the immediate results all that is left in my mind that she said was “Love it… I love it! Just love it!” And that’s when I feel amazing that my client is overjoyed.

The next client arrived with a family member to offer support. She was particularly anxious having not had any aesthetic treatments done previously. She confided that the reason for her cancelling a few months ago after her initial consultation was that she was so nervous. This morning she had not eaten but had managed to rally and have the courage to come in. We took our time and she tolerated the treatment excellently. Often, it is the unknown which causes the worry and anxiety. And very much most often it is afterwards that clients say, “I don’t know what I was worried about.” Or “It wasn’t as bad as I had thought”. Which over the many years I have been practicing has given me the sound knowledge that with anxious clients, it is about taking the process at a rate they can manage, giving as much time as needed and taking small steps.

Welcome to Aesthetic Spirit

Trust is a necessity in aesthetic medicine and it doesn’t necessarily come quickly. As many of my clients will testimony, I do treat each client individually and treat what they want to address. My client’s family member was an excellent encouragement after the treatment as she stated, “wow! You can see the results already”. My client left saying she would be back! So from someone finding it difficult to step over the threshold to saying herself that she would be back was good feedback for me.

My next client cancelled and rebooked for Friday due to ill health. Half an hour to catch up with some admin and phone calls.

Because I have now cut down my days in Edinburgh to soley working from Beyond MediSpa at Harvey Nicols twice a month, my next two clients had travelled from Edinburgh. I was interested to know how the train to Dunfermline Town Station had gone, a short walk from the clinic. My client had taken half the day to come and explore Dunfermline, wandering past the beautiful grand homes between the station and the clinic, visited  Pittencrief Park – a beautiful 76 acre woodland park known as “The Glen”. It was gifted by the famous Andrew Carnegie to the people of Dunfermline in 1902. Having never been to this area he had really enjoyed his day looking around the shops and restaurants too.

Relaxing Reception Lounge

He was pleased to see the clinic and more of what Aesthetic Spirit offers. I showed him the Plasma BT- both surgical and shower pieces and how the plasma is delivered. We carried out our usual toxin treatment but he says he may well be back on the train for some Plasma BT treatments. New experiences of treatments and visiting the clinic.

Last in was a client who also has been an Edinburgh client for many years and drove out to the clinic for an annual treatment. She had driven and managed to park right outside of the clinic… always a plus. But there are 4 parking lots in walking distance- one in the Kingsgate Centre, 2 either side of the buildings at 30 Canmore Street and one on the opposite side of the road from the Alhambra Theatre which is just on the corner of Canmore Street. Infact, there is yet another parking area that a practitioner recently let me know about who attended for lip augmentation training with Teoxane, the manufacturer I do training sessions for. This one is located right outside the house and place of cultural interest- where Andrew Carnegie was born. Again, a short walk from the clinic. Sometimes, it is great to catch up with clients and what they’ve been doing with such a large space time in between and wow… she had been up to so much developing a new style of business helping those in need. I do get a lot out of seeing and caring for my clients as well as the service of treatments I deliver. Over the year she had lost 2 stone in weight which is great for her physically and for her to be more in the weight zone she had wanted… but the fat pads and ageing process on her face had suffered.

Nespresso Coffee or Herbal Tea are complementary

Even though she had gained some weight back, it did not rejuvenate the facial features. The treatment was upper and lower facial volumisation and she was very pleased with the results – which were seen right away. She spoke of the confidence it goes her and how she looks forward to literally perking up. Similar to the client who had come in when she feels her face “falls”.

It was a fairly short day today because of half term but a fantastic and fulfilling time in the clinic and with my clients.
Please check out my Aesthetic Spirit Facebook Page for regular updates. (Some of my clients have shared with me that they don’t “like or share” my page/posts in order to be super discreet… which of course is as it should be!)  More news on treatments and the Plasma BT to come. We have nicknamed him No.11 … this being his label from the manufacturer. We’ll let you know more about No. 11 and the outcomes you can expect from the array of treatment options there are.

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